Yeah, I'm going to say it. Nick Diaz. He owns a KO win over the current champion Robbie Lawlor and his fight with Anderson Silva should have opened a few eyes and won over some doubters. The question for Nick, however, is can he pass a drug test. While weed is not steroids, it's still illegal and considering a title fight would bring Nick millions, maybe he can cut it out for the months surrounding the fight. Maybe not.


Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson


He wore the crown and lost it, but he is still technically undefeated as champion. Sounds like a riddle but it is actually the plight of Jon "Bones" Jones, the official "Uncrowned Champ" of the Light Heavyweight division. Let's get something straight. As much as DC is a true warrior, he is not truly the greatest light heavyweight of our  time. That honor still belongs to Jon Jones, who many feel DC is just holding the crown for his return. While I would love to see DC 2.0 come out and shock the world, but unfortunately for DC, I think if Bones does return, he does so with a vengeance.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us who you think wears the crown next @uncrownedchamp


UNCROWNED CHAMPIONS​  |        WEIGHT DIVISION      |         CHAMPION              

  CLAUDIA GADELHA                                         STRAWWEIGHT                                   Joanna Jedrzejczyk

  NO ONE                                                             BANTAMWEIGHT                                 Ronda Rousey

  JOHN DODSON                                                FLYWEIGHT                                         Demetrious Johnson   

  RAPHAEL   ASSUNCAO                                  BANTAMWEIGHT                                 TJ Dillashaw

  CONNOR MCGREGOR                                   FEATHERWEIGHT                               Jose Aldo

  KHABIB   NURMAGOMEDOV                         LIGHTWEIGHT                                      Rafael dos Anjos

  NICK DIAZ                                                         WELTERWEIGHT                                 Robbie Lawler

  TYRONE SPONG                                             MIDDLEWEIGHT                                   Chris Weidman

  JON JONES                                                      LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT                        Daniel Cormier

  CAIN VELASQUEZ                                           HEAVYWEIGHT                                    Fabricio Werdum


The lightweight division could potentially have several uncrowned champions waiting in the wings, eager to exchange  crowns over the next few years. I don't think current champ Dos Anjos will reign long with so many title challengers chomping at the bit. The long line of uncrowned champions in this division might include Anthony Pettis, Benson Henderson, Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov, Irish prospect Joseph Duffy and rising featherweights Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. While Aldo's announcement after the McGregor fight might be his move to 155, and if he does move up, a title fight would surely be in his future. However, I don't see either McGregor or Aldo surviving the crushing wrestling of "The Eagle."



I'm conflicted here because I predicted Weidman as the Uncrowned Champion before his first fight with Anderson Silva. While Rockhold is a beast and the biggest threat in the division, I don't think he will be able to dethrone the champ. If Rockhold is able to get it done, it is on the feet with a liver kick. Weidman has shown that he is very good against strikers like Belfort, Machida and of course, Anderson SIlva.  Weidman may actually be the Uncrowned Champion of the 205 division, but only time will tell. I WAS WRONG.


Demetrious Johnson is as dominant a champion as they come with the exception of Ronda Rousey. The only potential for weakness in his awesome arsenal was being slightly exposed by the power of John Dodson. Dodson has the most power in the division and could potentially end the fight with one shot. Dodson has a punchers chance against the technically superior champion but over the course of 5 rounds, and given his athleticism and cardio, Dodson can still get a KO in the later rounds. If Dodson doesnt do it however, there's not much on the horizon in the way of challenges for DJ without a move up or down in weight class.




Let's start with the heavyweights. Fabricio Werdum wears the crown and won it in convincing fashion against an outmatched Cain Velasquez. So how can Cain be the uncrowned champion of the Heavyweights. The truth is that I believe Werdum will hold the crown for quite some time as he has shown he is still growing as a mixed martial artists. He adds new wrinkles to his game each time we see him, something we haven't seen in a very dominant Cain Velasquez up until he ran into Werdum. However, and despite the altitude excuse, I do believe that a refocused Cain can reclaim the crown. While the challenge will be steep for him when he faces Werdum in January of 2016, it will at least be at sea level. While chances will be better for Cain, I don't know if he can pull off a win against a surging Werdum. Cain, however, of all the current heavyweights, has the only shot of doing so for a while. I'm not counting out Junior Dos Santos, who I expect, will get the next shot at the title.




AKA The McGregor Division. Love him or hate him, Conor McGregor is a legitimate challenger to Aldo's crown. I think Frankie Edgar could be the one to take the belt from McGregor after he liberates the prize from Aldo's clutches, but than and immediate rematch is in the mix. Unfortunately for Edgar, if that happens, he probably won't see a title fight until the end of 2016 at the earliest. If I was Edgar I would be rooting for an Aldo win. If Aldo wins and stays in his division, Edgar is surely next. If Aldo wins and moves up, Edgar fights for the vacant title against possibly Mendes. IF McGregor wins, the rematch vs Aldo will be in a huge stadium after months of more PR. I think McGregor takes it and the rematch. If he fails he will have far to fall but I believe the Irishman has a shot to be the best in the world and the real Uncrowned Champion of the Featherweights.


LUKE "________" ROCKHOLD


Champ TJ Dillashaw is looking absolutely unstoppable. That being said, someone will still wear the belt after him so who will it be? The only long shot we could think of is an injury prone Assuncao, who owns a win over the current champ. TJ has impressed with each outing and continues to get better so while it is possible, Assuncao wearing the belt next is quite the long shot.